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Psalms 94 God.Com.Bz


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Chapter 94

94:1 God of vengeance -- Jehovah! God of vengeance, shine forth.

94:2 Be lifted up, O Judge of the earth, Send back a recompence on the proud.

94:3 Till when `do' the wicked, O Jehovah? Till when do the wicked exult?

94:4 They utter -- they speak an old saw, All working iniquity do boast themselves.

94:5 Thy people, O Jehovah, they bruise, And Thine inheritance they afflict.

94:6 Widow and sojourner they slay, And fatherless ones they murder.

94:7 And they say, `Jehovah doth not see, And the God of Jacob doth not consider.'

94:8 Consider, ye brutish among the people, And ye foolish, when do ye act wisely?

94:9 He who planteth the ear doth He not hear? He who formeth the eye doth He not see?

94:10 He who is instructing nations, Doth He not reprove? He who is teaching man knowledge `is' Jehovah.

94:11 He knoweth the thoughts of man, that they `are' vanity.

94:12 O the happiness of the man Whom Thou instructest, O Jah, And out of Thy law teachest him,

94:13 To give rest to him from days of evil, While a pit is digged for the wicked.

94:14 For Jehovah leaveth not His people, And His inheritance forsaketh not.

94:15 For to righteousness judgment turneth back, And after it all the upright of heart,

94:16 Who riseth up for me with evil doers? Who stationeth himself for me with workers of iniquity?

94:17 Unless Jehovah `were' a help to me, My soul had almost inhabited silence.

94:18 If I have said, `My foot hath slipped,' Thy kindness, O Jehovah, supporteth me.

94:19 In the abundance of my thoughts within me, Thy comforts delight my soul.

94:20 Is a throne of mischief joined `with' Thee? A framer of perverseness by statute?

94:21 They decree against the soul of the righteous, And innocent blood declare wicked.

94:22 And Jehovah is for a high place to me, And my God `is' for a rock -- my refuge,

94:23 And turneth back on them their iniquity, And in their wickedness cutteth them off; Jehovah our God doth cut them off!

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