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Chapter 77

77:1 To the Overseer, for Jeduthun. -- A Psalm of Asaph. My voice `is' to God, and I cry, my voice `is' to God, And He hath given ear unto me.

77:2 In a day of my distress the Lord I sought, My hand by night hath been spread out, And it doth not cease, My soul hath refused to be comforted.

77:3 I remember God, and make a noise, I meditate, and feeble is my spirit. Selah.

77:4 Thou hast taken hold of the watches of mine eyes, I have been moved, and I speak not.

77:5 I have reckoned the days of old, The years of the ages.

77:6 I remember my music in the night, With my heart I meditate, and my spirit doth search diligently:

77:7 To the ages doth the Lord cast off? Doth He add to be pleased no more?

77:8 Hath His kindness ceased for ever? The saying failed to all generations?

77:9 Hath God forgotten `His' favours? Hath He shut up in anger His mercies? Selah.

77:10 And I say: `My weakness is, The changes of the right hand of the Most High.'

77:11 I mention the doings of Jah, For I remember of old Thy wonders,

77:12 And I have meditated on all Thy working, And I talk concerning Thy doings.

77:13 O God, in holiness `is' Thy way, Who `is' a great god like God?

77:14 Thou `art' the God doing wonders. Thou hast made known among the peoples Thy strength,

77:15 Thou hast redeemed with strength Thy people, The sons of Jacob and Joseph. Selah.

77:16 The waters have seen Thee, O God, The waters have seen Thee, They are afraid -- also depths are troubled.

77:17 Poured out waters have thick clouds, The skies have given forth a noise, Also -- Thine arrows go up and down.

77:18 The voice of Thy thunder `is' in the spheres, Lightnings have lightened the world, The earth hath trembled, yea, it shaketh.

77:19 In the sea `is' Thy way, And Thy paths `are' in many waters, And Thy tracks have not been known.

77:20 Thou hast led as a flock Thy people, By the hand of Moses and Aaron!

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