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Chapter 68

68:1 To the Overseer. -- A Psalm, a song of David. Rise doth God -- scattered are His enemies! And those hating Him flee from His face.

68:2 As the driving away of smoke Thou drivest away, As the melting of wax before fire, The wicked perish at the presence of God.

68:3 And the righteous rejoice, they exult before God, And they joy with gladness.

68:4 Sing ye to God -- praise His name, Raise up a highway for Him who is riding in deserts, In Jah `is' His name, and exult before Him.

68:5 Father of the fatherless, and judge of the widows, `Is' God in His holy habitation.

68:6 God -- causing the lonely to dwell at home, Bringing out bound ones into prosperity, Only -- the refractory have inhabited a dry place.

68:7 O God, in Thy going forth before Thy people, In Thy stepping through the wilderness, Selah.

68:8 The earth hath shaken, Yea, the heavens have dropped before God, This Sinai -- before God, the God of Israel.

68:9 A shower of free-will gifts thou shakest out, O God. Thine inheritance, when it hath been weary, Thou hast established it.

68:10 Thy company have dwelt in it, Thou preparest in Thy goodness for the poor, O God.

68:11 The Lord doth give the saying, The female proclaimers `are' a numerous host.

68:12 Kings of hosts flee utterly away, And a female inhabitant of the house apportioneth spoil.

68:13 Though ye do lie between two boundaries, Wings of a dove covered with silver, And her pinions with yellow gold.

68:14 When the Mighty spreadeth kings in it, It doth snow in Salmon.

68:15 A hill of God `is' the hill of Bashan, A hill of heights `is' the hill of Bashan.

68:16 Why do ye envy, O high hills, The hill God hath desired for His seat? Jehovah also doth tabernacle for ever.

68:17 The chariots of God `are' myriads, thousands of changes, The Lord `is' among them, in Sinai, in the sanctuary.

68:18 Thou hast ascended on high, Thou hast taken captive captivity, Thou hast taken gifts for men, That even the refractory may rest, O Jah God.

68:19 Blessed `is' the Lord, day by day He layeth on us. God Himself `is' our salvation. Selah.

68:20 God Himself `is' to us a God for deliverances, And Jehovah Lord hath the outgoings of death.

68:21 Only -- God doth smite The head of His enemies, The hairy crown of a habitual walker in his guilt.

68:22 The Lord said: `From Bashan I bring back, I bring back from the depths of the sea.

68:23 So that thou dashest thy foot in blood, `In the blood of' enemies -- the tongue of Thy dogs.'

68:24 They have seen Thy goings, O God, Goings of my God, my king, in the sanctuary.

68:25 Singers have been before, Behind `are' players on instruments, In the midst virgins playing with timbrels.

68:26 In assemblies bless ye God, The Lord -- from the fountain of Israel.

68:27 There `is' little Benjamin their ruler, Heads of Judah their defence, Heads of Zebulun -- heads of Naphtali.

68:28 Thy God hath commanded thy strength, Be strong, O God, this Thou hast wrought for us.

68:29 Because of Thy temple at Jerusalem, To Thee do kings bring a present.

68:30 Rebuke a beast of the reeds, a company of bulls, With calves of the peoples, Each humbling himself with pieces of silver, Scatter Thou peoples delighting in conflicts.

68:31 Come do fat ones out of Egypt, Cush causeth her hands to run to God.

68:32 Kingdoms of the earth, sing ye to God, Praise ye the Lord. Selah.

68:33 To him who is riding on the heavens of the heavens of old, Lo, He giveth with His voice a strong voice.

68:34 Ascribe ye strength to God, Over Israel `is' His excellency, and His strength in the clouds.

68:35 Fearful, O God, out of Thy sanctuaries, The God of Israel Himself, Giving strength and might to the people. Blessed `is' God!

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