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Psalms 36 God.Com.Bz


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Chapter 36

36:1 To the Overseer. -- By a servant of Jehovah, by David. The transgression of the wicked Is affirming within my heart, `Fear of God is not before his eyes,

36:2 For he made `it' smooth to himself in his eyes, To find his iniquity to be hated.

36:3 The words of his mouth `are' iniquity and deceit, He ceased to act prudently -- to do good.

36:4 Iniquity he deviseth on his bed, He stationeth himself on a way not good, Evil he doth not refuse.'

36:5 O Jehovah, in the heavens `is' Thy kindness, Thy faithfulness `is' unto the clouds.

36:6 Thy righteousness `is' as mountains of God, Thy judgments `are' a great deep. Man and beast Thou savest, O Jehovah.

36:7 How precious `is' Thy kindness, O God, And the sons of men In the shadow of Thy wings do trust.

36:8 They are filled from the fatness of Thy house, And the stream of Thy delights Thou dost cause them to drink.

36:9 For with Thee `is' a fountain of life, In Thy light we see light.

36:10 Draw out Thy kindness to those knowing Thee, And Thy righteousness to the upright of heart.

36:11 Let not a foot of pride meet me, And a hand of the wicked let not move me.

36:12 There have workers of iniquity fallen, They have been overthrown, And have not been able to arise!

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