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Chapter 22

22:1 To the Overseer, on `The Hind of the Morning.' -- A Psalm of David. My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me? Far from my salvation, The words of my roaring?

22:2 My God, I call by day, and Thou answerest not, And by night, and there is no silence to me.

22:3 And Thou `art' holy, Sitting -- the Praise of Israel.

22:4 In Thee did our fathers trust -- they trusted, And Thou dost deliver them.

22:5 Unto Thee they cried, and were delivered, In Thee they trusted, and were not ashamed.

22:6 And I `am' a worm, and no man, A reproach of man, and despised of the people.

22:7 All beholding me do mock at me, They make free with the lip -- shake the head,

22:8 `Roll unto Jehovah, He doth deliver him, He doth deliver him, for he delighted in him.'

22:9 For thou `art' He bringing me forth from the womb, Causing me to trust, On the breasts of my mother.

22:10 On Thee I have been cast from the womb, From the belly of my mother Thou `art' my God.

22:11 Be not far from me, For adversity is near, for there is no helper.

22:12 Many bulls have surrounded me, Mighty ones of Bashan have compassed me,

22:13 They have opened against me their mouth, A lion tearing and roaring.

22:14 As waters I have been poured out, And separated themselves have all my bones, My heart hath been like wax, It is melted in the midst of my bowels.

22:15 Dried up as an earthen vessel is my power, And my tongue is cleaving to my jaws.

22:16 And to the dust of death thou appointest me, For surrounded me have dogs, A company of evil doers have compassed me, Piercing my hands and my feet.

22:17 I count all my bones -- they look expectingly, They look upon me,

22:18 They apportion my garments to themselves, And for my clothing they cause a lot to fall.

22:19 And Thou, O Jehovah, be not far off, O my strength, to help me haste.

22:20 Deliver from the sword my soul, From the paw of a dog mine only one.

22:21 Save me from the mouth of a lion: -- And -- from the horns of the high places Thou hast answered me!

22:22 I declare Thy name to my brethren, In the midst of the assembly I praise Thee.

22:23 Ye who fear Jehovah, praise ye Him, All the seed of Jacob, honour ye Him, And be afraid of Him, all ye seed of Israel.

22:24 For He hath not despised, nor abominated, The affliction of the afflicted, Nor hath He hidden His face from him, And in his crying unto Him He heareth.

22:25 Of Thee my praise `is' in the great assembly. My vows I complete before His fearers.

22:26 The humble do eat and are satisfied, Praise Jehovah do those seeking Him, Your heart doth live for ever.

22:27 Remember and return unto Jehovah, Do all ends of the earth, And before Thee bow themselves, Do all families of the nations,

22:28 For to Jehovah `is' the kingdom, And He is ruling among nations.

22:29 And the fat ones of earth have eaten, And they bow themselves, Before Him bow do all going down to dust, And he `who' hath not revived his soul.

22:30 A seed doth serve Him, It is declared of the Lord to the generation.

22:31 They come and declare His righteousness, To a people that is borne, that He hath made!

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