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Chapter 19

19:1 Better `is' the poor walking in his integrity, Than the perverse `in' his lips, who `is' a fool.

19:2 Also, without knowledge the soul `is' not good, And the hasty in feet is sinning.

19:3 The folly of man perverteth his way, And against Jehovah is his heart wroth.

19:4 Wealth addeth many friends, And the poor from his neighbour is separated.

19:5 A false witness is not acquitted, Whoso breatheth out lies is not delivered.

19:6 Many entreat the face of the noble, And all have made friendship to a man of gifts.

19:7 All the brethren of the poor have hated him, Surely also his friends have been far from him, He is pursuing words -- they are not!

19:8 Whoso is getting heart is loving his soul, He is keeping understanding to find good.

19:9 A false witness is not acquitted, And whoso breatheth out lies perisheth.

19:10 Luxury is not comely for a fool, Much less for a servant to rule among princes.

19:11 The wisdom of a man hath deferred his anger, And his glory `is' to pass over transgression.

19:12 The wrath of a king `is' a growl as of a young lion, And as dew on the herb his good-will.

19:13 A calamity to his father `is' a foolish son, And the contentions of a wife `are' a continual dropping.

19:14 House and wealth `are' the inheritance of fathers, And from Jehovah `is' an understanding wife.

19:15 Sloth causeth deep sleep to fall, And an indolent soul doth hunger.

19:16 Whoso is keeping the command is keeping his soul, Whoso is despising His ways dieth.

19:17 Whoso is lending `to' Jehovah is favouring the poor, And his deed He repayeth to him.

19:18 Chastise thy son, for there is hope, And to put him to death lift not up thy soul.

19:19 A man of great wrath is bearing punishment, For, if thou dost deliver, yet again thou dost add.

19:20 Hear counsel and receive instruction, So that thou art wise in thy latter end.

19:21 Many `are' the purposes in a man's heart, And the counsel of Jehovah it standeth.

19:22 The desirableness of a man `is' his kindness, And better `is' the poor than a liar.

19:23 The fear of Jehovah `is' to life, And satisfied he remaineth -- he is not charged with evil.

19:24 The slothful hath hidden his hand in a dish, Even unto his mouth he bringeth it not back.

19:25 A scorner smite, and the simple acts prudently, And give reproof to the intelligent, He understandeth knowledge.

19:26 Whoso is spoiling a father causeth a mother to flee, A son causing shame, and bringing confusion.

19:27 Cease, my son, to hear instruction -- To err from sayings of knowledge.

19:28 A worthless witness scorneth judgment, And the mouth of the wicked swalloweth iniquity.

19:29 Judgments have been prepared for scorners, And stripes for the back of fools!

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