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Chapter 32

32:1 And these three men cease from answering Job, for he `is' righteous in his own eyes,

32:2 and burn doth the anger of Elihu son of Barachel the Buzite, of the family of Ram; against Job hath his anger burned, because of his justifying himself more than God;

32:3 and against his three friends hath his anger burned, because that they have not found an answer, and condemn Job.

32:4 And Elihu hath waited earnestly beside Job with words, for they are older than he in days.

32:5 And Elihu seeth that there is no answer in the mouth of the three men, and his anger burneth.

32:6 And Elihu son of Barachel the Buzite answereth and saith: -- Young I `am' in days, and ye `are' age Therefore I have feared, And am afraid of shewing you my opinion.

32:7 I said: Days do speak, And multitude of years teach wisdom.

32:8 Surely a spirit is in man, And the breath of the Mighty One Doth cause them to understand.

32:9 The multitude are not wise, Nor do the aged understand judgment.

32:10 Therefore I have said: Hearken to me, I do shew my opinion -- even I.

32:11 Lo, I have waited for your words, I give ear unto your reasons, Till ye search out sayings.

32:12 And unto you I attend, And lo, there is no reasoner for Job, `Or' answerer of his sayings among you.

32:13 Lest ye say, We have found wisdom, God doth thrust him away, not man.

32:14 And he hath not set in array words for me, And with your sayings I do not answer him.

32:15 (They have broken down, They have not answered again, They removed from themselves words.

32:16 And I have waited, but they do not speak, For they have stood still, They have not answered any more.)

32:17 I answer, even I -- my share, I shew my opinion -- even I.

32:18 For I have been full of words, Distressed me hath the spirit of my breast,

32:19 Lo, my breast `is' as wine not opened, Like new bottles it is broken up.

32:20 I speak, and there is refreshment to me, I open my lips and answer.

32:21 Let me not, I pray you, accept the face of any, Nor unto man give flattering titles,

32:22 For I have not known to give flattering titles, In a little doth my Maker take me away.

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