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Chapter 9

9:1 `Rejoice not, O Israel, be not joyful like the peoples, For thou hast gone a-whoring from thy God, Thou hast loved a gift near all floors of corn.

9:2 Floor and wine-press do not delight them, And new wine doth fail in her,

9:3 They do not abide in the land of Jehovah, And turned back hath Ephraim `to' Egypt, And in Asshur an unclean thing they eat.

9:4 They pour not out wine to Jehovah, Nor are they sweet to Him, Their sacrifices `are' as bread of mourners to them, All eating it are unclean: For their bread `is' for themselves, It doth not come into the house of Jehovah.

9:5 What do ye at the day appointed? And at the day of Jehovah's festival?

9:6 For, lo, they have gone because of destruction, Egypt gathereth them, Moph burieth them, The desirable things of their silver, Nettles possess them -- a thorn `is' in their tents.

9:7 Come in have the days of inspection, Come in have the days of recompence, Israel doth know! a fool `is' the prophet, Mad `is' the man of the Spirit, Because of the abundance of thine iniquity, And great `is' the hatred.

9:8 Ephraim is looking `away' from My God, The prophet! a snare of a fowler `is' over all his ways, Hatred `is' in the house of his God.

9:9 They have gone deep -- have done corruptly, As `in' the days of Gibeah, He doth remember their iniquity, He doth inspect their sins.

9:10 As grapes in a wilderness I found Israel, As the first-fruit in a fig-tree, at its beginning, I have seen your fathers, They -- they have gone in `to' Baal-Peor, And are separated to a shameful thing, And are become abominable like their love.

9:11 Ephraim `is' as a fowl, Fly away doth their honour, without birth, And without womb, and without conception.

9:12 For though they nourish their sons, I have made them childless -- without man, Surely also, wo to them, when I turn aside from them.

9:13 Ephraim! when I have looked to the rock, Is planted in comeliness, And Ephraim `is' to bring out unto a slayer his sons.

9:14 Give to them, Jehovah -- what dost Thou give? Give to them miscarrying womb, and dry breasts.

9:15 All their evil `is' in Gilgal, Surely there I have hated them, Because of the evil of their doings, Out of My house I do drive them, I add not to love them, all their heads `are' apostates.

9:16 Ephraim hath been smitten, Their root hath dried up, fruit they yield not, Yea, though they bring forth, I have put to death the desired of their womb.

9:17 Reject them doth my God, Because they have not hearkened to Him, And they are wanderers among nations!

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