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Chapter 8

8:1 `Unto thy mouth -- a trumpet, As an eagle against the house of Jehovah, Because they transgressed My covenant, And against My law they have rebelled.

8:2 To Me they cry, `My God, we -- Israel -- have known Thee.'

8:3 Cast off good hath Israel, an enemy pursueth him.

8:4 They have made kings, and not by Me, They have made princes, and I have not known, Their silver and their gold they have made to them idols, So that they are cut off.

8:5 Cast off hath thy calf, O Samaria, Burned hath Mine anger against them, Till when are they not capable of purity?

8:6 For even it `is' of Israel; an artificer made it, And it `is' not God, For the calf of Samaria is fragments!

8:7 For wind they sow, and a hurricane they reap, Stalk it hath none -- a shoot not yielding grain, If so be it yield -- strangers do swallow it up.

8:8 Israel hath been swallowed up, Now they have been among nations, As a vessel in which is no delight.

8:9 For they -- they have gone up `to' Asshur, A wild ass alone by himself `is' Ephraim, They have hired lovers!

8:10 Also though they hire among nations, Now I gather them, and they are pained a little, From the burden of a king of princes.

8:11 Because Ephraim did multiply altars to sin, They have been to him altars to sin.

8:12 I write for him numerous things of My law, As a strange thing they have been reckoned.

8:13 The sacrifices of Mine offerings! They sacrifice flesh, and they eat, Jehovah hath not accepted them, Now doth He remember their iniquity, And inspect their sin, They -- `to' Egypt they turn back.

8:14 And forget doth Israel his Maker, and buildeth temples, And Judah hath multiplied cities of defence, And I have sent a fire into his cities, And it hath consumed their palaces!

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